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Should Gamblers Bet on Eden Hazard’s Probable Decision Of Club Change?

The period of a really long and lengthy lay-off period for Eden Hazard tend to be over now.   He is back with a bang after recovering from his injuries. However, you might enjoy more than one solid reason to cheer for this superstar. If the news that doing the rounds are true, then you might see this impressive performer moving to Real Madrid to Chelsea in the very near future! While the news is indeed exhilarating for every RM fan, you might want to delve deeper to authenticate the good news!

Rumor, Or Not!

Just after the news hit the media, a number of game judi online enthusiasts have almost crazily started betting on the player. It makes sense that they are expecting a win no less lucrative than the deal that Hazard might enjoy! But given that Eden is indeed a gifted player; wouldn’t Chelsea want to tie him down with even more special deals? The speculation has now perked up owing to an unauthorized new byte that says Chelsea is actually thinking of selling Hazard. Madrid, on the other hand, has never denied their plan to get him in the following season. Perhaps, they need a fitting replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo in the future. Plus, the sport star has himself expressed his desire to be coached with Zidane.


Hazard Speaks

Let us hear it from the man himself. When a leading tabloid asked about his move to Madrid, he simply said that he is absolutely fine with his present club. He further added that the time of his contract with Chelsea is not yet over. But before signing off, he remarked that he would leave the club when he would desire to do so. Furthermore, an edition of the “Mirror” features him saying “…people always said that I’m leaving, but I’m still here.” In fact, people who are very near to Hazard have recently revealed that the sports star has already rejected several proposals involving hefty amount. This is because; he never wishes to dishonor his present contract.

Bet, Or Not?

By 2020, Eden Hazard’s contract with Chelsea is going to be over! But judging the present situations, you can anticipate that the club would not like a competitor like Real Madrid to ‘buy’ its players later on. So, the management would practically try to extend the contract with its assets. In fact, as per a very reliable source, Chelsea is planning to make Eden their highest paid footballer at the Premier League level. Would Hazard like to miss such a deal? If you are trying to game judi onlinethen you might be in two minds about betting on this issue.  If you consider Eden’s bedazzling skill and ability and his impressive career-graph, then you can assume that this is one player that no club would want to lose. On the other hand, there are clubs who would want to have him literally at any cost. To make the long story short, Eden has every reason to move on. However, he would do is only when he is up for a change.


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