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3 Major Factors To Consider When Placing Your C-Bets!

Betting games are on the height of its popularity. Every gambler loves to play these games whenever they get time. The time they have stepped into the online world, they have become super easy to be played. With just a few clicks, you can get online and play as long as you can. C-Bets are one of the most popular strategies in the game of betting. Many players lack in having the knowledge about the size of C-Bet to be used in the game.

What is a C-Bet?

Continuation betting also called ‘C-Bet’ refers to the bet that is made by a player who isthe aggressor on their level. Many players don’t handle properly there betting size. Many gamblers love to fill up the pots without considering the actual situation.

3 Factors you should keep in your Mind while placing your Bets

  1. Range

At first, you should keep you bet low to affect the opponent. The small range contains more bluffs and thin value bets at first. Small bets also allow us not to raise our bet and even if we lose, we can be comfortable enough. If you have a strong hand or medium strength in your hands, you should raise your bet at once. This will lead you in increasing your profits.

  1. Effect on the Competitor

The range of your bet should be according to your opponents bet. If you make a strong bet, your opponent needs to be significant drawing equity or can hold hands more strongly. On the other hand, small bets may contain a lot of bluffs. Here your opponent can take advantage of playing with a broad range thereby giving you not many profits at the time of folding.

  1. Board

The board plays an important role over here. The dry or static board may not require equal denial. We get no incentive to bet larger and then fold immediately. If you are playing bluffs, there is no need to put more chips at stake. If the board situation is wet or dynamic, your betting value should equally be raised.

Small size bet on the board that is wet is useless. Situations may arise where equities run much closure, in this case, large bets are required. You can push more equity before folding.

There have to be planned many moves in every game to make your pockets full of money. Playing ceme online is always fun and exciting. You should be very careful while placing your bets as this is the only way to make your opponent weak. The range of the bet plays a very important part in making you the king of the table. I would love to know your views about the same or any other query you have. Happy gaming!

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