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About the special status of the season in the NBA

In the NBA, sooner or later the wind changes its direction, and even a busy calendar becomes better. If you are ready, the situation will change, despite a series of injuries and a low place in the table.

The special status of the season in the NBA

It’s time to get used to the fact that in the NBA the influence of the calendar on the results is in no way inferior to injuries or judging. With each new regular season, the extra rest day means more and more. The role of the schedule was important in previous years, but it becomes decisivethis season. According to pinup, the attempts of the league management to unload the schedule by reducing back-to-backs and the number of pre-season matches do not save the situation.

Recent years in the NBA were marked by a rapid expansion of the middle class. For four full seasons in the league, there is a stable paradigm in which there is FGP, a LeBron team (without whom will not get into the playoffs), three or four shadow contenders, and all the others.

The Warriors dynasty and the outflow of top players accustomed to being the first options in the habitat of others (Durant, Cousins, partly Chris Paul and Paul George) dramatically increased the difference between the contenders and strong teams.

Strictly speaking, now there is only one full-fledged contender– theGolden State. All other dark horses are more likely than equivalent applicants, as they are able to throw off the current champion from the throne only in case of force majeure, in case of successful accompanying conditions.

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