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Best slot games to play 

If you are new to the burgeoning world of online slot games, then you have a lot to learn.

First of all, where do you even start? You are spoilt for choice when it comes to online video slot games and online fruit machines, with the genre of online gambling well and truly thriving in what is a prosperous industry.

New games are rolled out all of the time and for the most part, the standard of the game is being upped over and over again. Developers keep on pushing the boat out further and further, competing in what is a very competitive industry, to gain the most players and above all, offer a slot game that is the most fun to play

With so much choice out there, we at Dreamjackpot.com thought it would be wise to give you a selection of the best slot games to play. Ranging from the classics to the more modern releases, here are some of the best online slot games. 

Rainbow Riches 

Here is a game that will feature of any list of slot games that you have to play.

This Irish themed slot game is something of a classic, existing offline as a land-based slot machine before even evolving into the online world. There are a lot of Irish themed slots out there, but Rainbow Riches is the most famous, thanks to being the first in a long running series of games from Barcrest.

Retro graphics and a good sense of humour combine in this legendary slot. 

Penguin City 

At the other end of the scale is an impressive release from Yggdrasil.

This developer is renowned for great graphics and this is evidenced in Penguin City, an action 3D adventure of a slot game that brings the hectic manner of city life together with, you guessed it, penguins.

Yggdrasil’s penguins are iconic, always using them for light-hearted fun across a whole range of well-designed slots. Penguin City is one of their best, with fine animations and some useful bonus features. 

Zombie Rush 

Sticking with the extremely well animated slot games, Zombie Rush has superb graphics.

They are used to bring the undead back to life, as the narrative of this game is arguably just as impressive. You are led by a group of friends trying to flee to zombie apocalypse before them and hopefully, with a bit of luck and the right tools, you will pick up some big wins along the way.

This game is a more Hollywood horror movie than an online slot game, and this is why it is a must spin. 


Fruitoids is one of the most popular slot games ever.

Embodying the cross over between classic fruit machines and the exciting world of online slot games, it’s space-age fruit can be combined for various winning combinations and cash prizes. This makes for a free-flowing, unique and very well put together slot game that is a perfect place to start your online slot adventures.

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