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Brief Understanding on how gamdom.com was abused for $140K

In event of you searching for fun, entertainment and exciting experience of gambling, Gamdom would be the best place for you. The website would cater you with great games along with an opportunity to stay connected with the community. They have been known to give out $5000 worth of reward incentives in a day to normal users. You could participate in them as and when you like. In case, you were not playing on Gamdom, you should rest assured that you were definitely missing out on all the fun.

However, in the recent past, Gamdom was abused for $140,000. As a result, Gamdom looks forward to disabling the Dota2 verification process for gamdom.com. The major reason for such a decision has been group of people abused the loophole system that incurred $140,000 to Gamdom.

People created thousands of user accounts that abused the loophole. It has been serious violation of the TOS of the company and forced them to act upon it in a severe manner. However, you would be able to verify your specific account by using PUBG or CSGO.

Gamdom would not be closing their Dota2 deposit or withdrawal system. It would be pertinent to mention here that Dota2 would still be accepted on gamdom.com, as you may not be able to verify your Gamdom account using Dota2 while going forward. In case, anybody who has already verified before the change made would still be verified. Gamdom does not require your account to be re-verified by PUBG or CSGO.

What actually happened?

Approximately one month after gamdom.com enabled Dota2 to be the game for verification of gamdom account of the users, the staff witnessed inclusion of several new users. Despite the fact that it was expected, it was supposed to be a boon for websites such as gamdom. Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks, when the number did not go down, gamdom noticed several users signing up on fresh steam accounts. A majority of these users hailed from Russia and Ukraine. They were having minimum amount of Dota2 hour’s requisite for obtaining free coins given on sign up verification process.

Gamdom looked forward to countering the process by enhancing the number of hours essential in Dota2 for making the users becoming eligible to receive free coins. However, to the dismay of Gamdom, various abusers found a way to counter the issue as well.

Therefore, rather than having 1000-2000 accounts that were adequate for doing the trick in a day, they started focusing on additional efforts used for creating accounts along with gathering the requisite number of hours. As a result, more than 10000-15000 accounts started claiming free coins on daily basis. It was apparently a huge number that was not to be left alone by gamdom. It would be pertinent to mention here that only if 10% of those accounts won adequately for withdrawing Bitcoin gambling needs, it would not be wrong to suggest that Gamdom would be losing approximately somewhere between $15k-$20k with each passing day. It resulted in Gamdom acting sternly to the issue of verification on Gamdom using Dota2.

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