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Growth of Online Casino’s in Recent Years 

Online casinos have taken off hugely over the past several years, sites such as https://www.666casino.com really taking off in terms of popularity. The UK Gambling Commission stated that online gaming players were getting younger and that in 2008 10.6% of online gamers were between the ages of 18 and 34 and that by 2014 this figure had risen to 17.5%.

Around 11% of internet traffic comes from online casino gaming, this and the remote gambling sector has seen a 300% increase following the change of law in 2014 which has allowed greater freedom and greater access to online casinos, in turn allowing more online casinos.

Mobile Casino’s 

Interconnected technology has also helped. It is usual to have all devices such as mobile phones, TV’s, PC’s, tablets, all linked so information can be accessed across all devices and anywhere. This means that players have more freedom to play by either being sat at their desk at their PC or on their mobile phone somewhere remote. Let’s not also forget that it is standard now for everyone to have a mobile and the percentages of people with smartphones in the UK alone is around 95%.

The huge growth in technology alone has added to the development of online casinos and of course this is just going to keep growing and developing.

The online gambling market is expected to reach a value of around $128bn by 2026, which is an annual growth of around 12% between 2018 and 2026.

Removal of the Gambling Stigma 

Online casinos have taken away a lot of the stigma to online betting and gambling therefore making it more acceptable to use and play. People have better access to Wi-Fi and the research carried out is that the players who are the heaviest users are generally the ones with the most disposable income and therefore can afford to use online casinos.

There is a higher level of trust in online gaming now and people are not so concerned about payment over the internet and whether they will actually receive  a pay out should they win.

In 2017 the main market was Europe and the UK with the most online casino usage being in the UK, however, Asia Pacific is expecting a huge growth in the next five years. Laws in Asia Pacific are expected to change and therefore access to online casinos will be more relaxed and available. There will also be added trust and easier payment methods as well as more access to foreign online casinos making online betting more interesting and varied.

All of this will have a knock on effect to other industries. E wallets, payment methods etc. will grow and develop, as these will become the main payment gateway for online casinos. More and more online casinos will become to compete with traditional casinos in terms of VIP and loyalty status too. 

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