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Halloween Games In Casinos

October is here yet again. The leaves are drying out on one side of the globe, while the opposite side leaves are sprouting greener. Other areas have rains while others are enjoying the warm sun. The seasons around the world differ, but one thing remains constant- Halloween.

This holiday that only the western world used to appreciate is gaining popularity a time keeps on moving. It is not only is a candy-collecting, scary dressing holiday anymore but also a money-making season. As such, there are a couple of Halloween games you can get to on some online casinos and walk a few bucks richer.

  1. 28 Spins Later

This is a game by playpearls that will, for sure match your taste for the dreadful and the bizarre. This is a slot game that features excellent graphics of zombies, bloody brains and weapons. This game gets the whole Halloween spirit as the interface displays. The game is set with a cemetery background that has been torn apart. The game gets its inspired design from the movie 28 days later and substituted the word days with the word spins. As you play, you get thrilled by the sinister music playing in the background plus the daunting drum beats that scare the wits out of you. The prizes for this game are real, and a horror movie fanatic, will for sure relish this game.

  1. Afterlife Inferno Slots

This slots Halloween game is an inspiration for the classic Dante’s trilogy that is set up in life after death. As you fire up the game, you are welcomed with clear HD images of hell complete with the hot red lava rivers, grim music and the images of Dante and Beatrice all over the place. You are then meant to play to earn your way up to heaven where the scene completely changes. The game is available both on mobile phones and computers. If you are looking to play a free welcome bonus no deposit required casino games, then this is your go-to play.

  1. Abandoned Park Slot

The background of this game is an abandoned amusement part with the scene complete with an old rusty roller coaster with overgrown weeds on it. The five reels are separated by a spiked barbed wire cast boldly against the dark background. Players can spin up a terrifying fortune from the themed symbols, using the five reels, three rows and twenty pay lines to their advantage. This game requires no download and is available on both mobile and computer versions.

  1. Blood Lore Vampires Clan

Halloween is not complete without hearing a story or two about vampires and werewolves. In this slot game mainly, you are the wolf who is meant to miss the silver bullets being shot by the vampire clan once you press start. You are to make your way through the forest being guided by the moon. Where you enter their house, kill the clan plus their queen. And the best part is that you win prizes, including bonuses as you play.

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