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How students are making the most out of the greatest roulette games online

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At the outset let us make clear that this is in no way meant to encourage or provide a solution to one’s financial matters or problems. Rather we will look more at the use of the greatest roulette games online as a tool to learn the strategies students may consider in confronting the roulette game called LIFE.

How can we do this? One may ask.

First, we must strip away all the philosophical and mythical ideas we have of the game. While luck, faith, right and wrong or good and evil may or may not play a role in the outcome, the basis of the game of roulette, as in life, is a choice of “this or that”. Red or black with a random, 50/50 chance in an unbiased game. But, no “game” is unbiased. check them out

What about “0”?

The European wheel and the American wheel vary in several ways beginning with “0”. While the European wheel has only one “0” (giving a 2.7% increase in favor of The House winning), the American roulette wheel place two “0” spaces on opposite sides of the wheel (increasing the odds to 5.26% in favor of the house). Something to consider when choosing an online roulette provider. Most sites do, however, offer the choice of either game. check them out

But, what about the numbers?

This is where the real strategy comes into play. As with any opportunity or challenge life presents, even the best online roulette has options and rules of play laid out. Understanding these options and rules is vital in structuring a strategy. Basically there are two general strategies. The safest strategy, but the minimum payout being red or black offering a 2 to 1 opportunity.

The other strategy is obviously playing the numbers which can get complicated and holds the the highest risk of losing. However, “playing the numbers” offers the highest payout should one win. In general, playing numbers is divided into four subcategories.

Playing Blocks; Consisting of three groupings of numbers. these groups are divide equally into a dozen numbers each, 1 thru 12, 13 thru 24 and 25 thru 36 as well as three mixed groups of high end and low end numbers. Also presented are two groups dividing the numbers in half, 1 thru 18 and 19 thru 36. And finally, even and odd; Simply put, this is as it says with even and odd equally dispersed around the wheel.

Then, obviously, is that ominous “0”. Along with any single number bet, this is the highest risk of all given the infinite possibilities. However the payout tops the charts at 35 to 1.

To learn more about the game of online roulette and strategies of play feel free to give it a try. Most sites offer an assortment of ways to give the game a whirl at no out of pocket expense or risk. But, beware of choices out there. Do your best to use a reputable site and avoid scams. Do your homework and check them out

Managing Risk

With all that said above, online roulette lends itself to students seeking to learn not simply a game of gambling, but rather lessons in risk analysis and strategy assessment. However, no game in online gaming or in investing can be successful without a solid system in financial management. Without a combination of betting strategy AND a financial management system one can find themselves in bankruptcy in no time.

While in no way should online roulette be considered an investment or compared to such, understanding the game and the strategies of play combined with a solid money management and strict compliance to principles con lend itself well in understanding risk and management thereof.

All in all remember the truth in all things dealing in finance. The odds are in favor of the one presenting the opportunity. It is all a gamble. However, knowledge goes a long way in this game. Take time to learn the rules. Take advantage of opportunities to “try things out” BEFORE committing and mostly, know the risk and your limits prior to jumping in for real.

Most importantly, never shy away from walking away from the table. Trust your instincts.  

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