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How to Become an Official Football Agent

The Football agents are more important for the players to make up this career successful. The football agents used to handle all aspects of player’s career from helping and deciding which club they choose to play for their service. The agents are always used to recruit young players to place them with the right football club. To become an agen bola resmi you need have the following things which are given below:

  1. Must have Post Graduation degree

All the agents must hold a degree in law or business administration. You must have the degree before you apply for agent’s test.

  1. Registration for Football agent

All the football agents need to register by your country’s football association. If you are citizenship then you need to register using the most recent citizenship. Then the applicant has to send a written application for a players’ agent’s license to the relevant association. The applicants that work as an employee at any other football organization are ineligible as stated in FIFA regulations Players’ Agents.

  1. Examination

After submitting the application the association will conduct an examination for you. For exam you will have 20 multi-choice questions to answer under the association of FIFA.  The examinations will usually held in the months of March and September. Exam pattern will be based on the essential knowledge in football regulations, civil law and law of obligations.

  1. Insurance must

Once you have passed the examination you must have an insurance to ensure that you have obtained professional liability insurance.

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