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Online Betting Is No Longer A Game Of Chance But A Game Of Statistics

Online betting has been considered as the most important source of entertainment and earning money without actually putting hard physical efforts. Many people argue that betting on sports is a game of chance and the win is determined by how lucky you’re feeling at the time of placing a wager. But, according to various research and evidence, online sports betting is no longer a game of luck. The reason is that you’re betting after predicting the occurrence of results of a specific match or a game. This form of betting is a game of statistics and data analysis. So, there is no benefit in linking it with the luck-based games.

Games Of Skills

Do not bet on probability even develop and improve your skills to get a situation in your favor. Sports online betting India is not banned. There is no case when a person is punished with imprisonment, fine or other things for placing a wager on any sports. Although games of chance are prohibited in most states in India, skill-based games such as cricket and other sports league are allowed at licensed offshore gambling sites. Supreme Court of India has also declared that horse racing should be excluded from the realm of gambling because it is simply a game of skill. It depends on the special abilities of horse such as speed and stamina, acquired by training, not by chance. An excellent and fully-trained jockey could be targeted for betting as it can easily touch the winning post.

Is Betting On Cricket & Football A Game Of Chance Or Skill?

Much like horse racing, cricket and football betting online are not gambling because it is also skill-based. Betting on these sports involves the evaluation of a player’s or a team’s physical capacity, performing abilities, records, and other evaluative skills. Hence, these should never be counted in the category of games of probability or chance. With prior data and statistics of the game, you can guess the outcome or future of a specific game, league, tournament, player, team, or a competition. Getting the records and history of a player or a team is not a challenging task. You can access every fact with detailed data on the internet along with commonly used sports betting terminologies.

Choose Trusted & Licensed Bookmaker In India For Secure Sports Betting

When it comes to putting your hard-earned real money, you cannot blindly trust anyone. Register an account at trustworthy sports betting site that is licensed and regulated for operating betting activities. 10CRIC, Betway, and Bet365 are the most recommended sites to place a wager on more than thousands of different markets. Your sensitive information, financial activities, and all information will be safe. Advance features of live streaming and in-play betting make sports betting more exciting by providing the opportunity to watch the live match and place a wager at the most favorable time with better odds.

If you are good in cricket, football, basketball, or other game analysis and follow that sport passionately, then it’s time to start betting with any of these reliable bookmakers.

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