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Penny Roulette: A low stake Roulette game

Roulettes are roulettes; be it for a smaller amount (high stake) or a bigger amount (higher amount). The penny roulette is not essentially a different one. It applies the same techniques.

Being a casino game, the Penny Roulette requires 1p just to practice the strategies. These online casinos allow spinning the wheel for 1p roulette and having some real money roulette fun. If the stakes are made a little high, it will offer you to play roulette with 10p minimum bets.

10p roulette is much easily findable than the 1p version and it comes with a bigger choice of casinos to join and therefore more bonuses to claim.

20p Roulette is the same as the 10p ones. Local punters in the UK have played this version in local betting shops. Ladbrokes, William Hill, and all the high street bookies offer the 20p roulette machines which are known as Fixed Odd Betting Terminals or FOBT in short.

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How Is The Game Played?

Penny’s game, named after its inventor Walter Penny, is a binary sequenced game when played in casinos between two players. Player X and Y select one sequence of heads and tail each of different order. Both the player shows their selected sequence to each other. A coin is then tossed for them to choose their respective sequences. The player whose sequence comes first wins the toss.

On the internet, the game is played by the traditional wheel which is controlled by number generator which are random. At the end it is only about the player and the board.

The Difference In Playing It Manually And Virtually:

The main difference is about the ‘Bonuses’. When playing on the internet, the deposit bonus can be reached up to 1000% when two websites are joined together. Online casinos come with welcome bonus saying “deposit £100, play with £200”, which allows deals in thousands. In local life casinos, no freebies or bonuses are rewarded.


Walking out in the rain and cold to play fixed odds betting terminal while constantly winning deals sitting at your comfortable place, is easier and relaxing in any way you choose it. So go on, keep spinning, winning and playing and let the luck be with you. Keep the game energetic and play it online to enjoy the overall comfort and. Good luck with the superb deals that make your fate shine!

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