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Review of gameplay on Centurion Slot

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The Ancient Romans are genuinely responsible for a lot of the basic things we have in life that are certainly now taken for granted. They made crucial advances in irrigation technology, for instance, not to mention the evolution in the art of war that came under Julius Caesar and co. This last point is probably the most poignant, because the Romans were incredibly experienced when it came to conquering, at one point owning all of the Mediterranean and beyond. All of this makes them perfect cannon fodder for an online slot, hence why the game Centurion works so well – try the game at Megareel.com.

Produced by the developers at Inspired Gaming, you know you’re in for a treat. They have been about since the very early 2000s, however due to their focus on providing software for traditional land-based slot machines many online slot gamblers may have never heard of them before. They are far from a small company, through, with operations that stretch across the world. They even managed to sign a deal with the Chinese government to provide online casino entertainment to the autonomous region of Macau (no easy feat!) Just looking at their other titles confirms their superiority too – get a load of these: Delhi The Elephant, Atlantis: City Of Destiny, Irish Fortune, Love Kittens 

About Centurion and its Bonus Features

The first thing you will notice whilst playing Centurion is the amazing extent to its graphics, they are pristinely clear and the action on screen never lags at all, immediately setting this online slot apart from many of its competitors on the market. The action takes place inside a typically grand Roman amphitheatre, as a majestic ceremony begins in the centre of the arena. As for this online slot’s reel configuration, Centurion features 5 reels and 20 pay lines, all of which are beautifully detailed and just as vivid as the background. All of the symbols take on an intrinsically Roman feel too, meaning that you simply will not be able to separate yourself from this highly interesting moment in history. Already Centurion sounds quite like the online slot, right? But just you wait until you hear about its incredibly bonus rounds. There are four distinct ones to choose from, and each play out like a genuine mini-game you would find in games such as Mario Party. You will need to encounter at least three Roman warriors on the reels to be sent though to a wheel of fortune that will choose what round you end up in. They are all highly lucrative, however it is Prizes On Parade that is probably the best – it can award you several rounds of x50 multipliers, something that could result in quite the winnings indeed.

Centurion: The Verdict

We think even Julius Caesar would be blown away by this incredible piece of online casino entertainment. Centurion is probably the closest you can get to the perfect online slot game these days – the graphics, bonus rounds and overall theme are just second to none! Hat’s off to Inspired Gaming. 

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