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UK’s biggest EuroMillions winners ever: Who won and how they spent their record-breaking lottery jackpots

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Here are some of the biggest UK euromillions online winners since the lottery began:

Colin and Chris Weir: £161,653,000

In July 2011, the married couple from Largs in Ayrshire was “tickled pink” when they became Europe’s biggest lottery winners. The life-changing prize launched them into the Sunday Times Rich List above Beatle Ringo Starr and Sir Tom Jones.

The have been married for 30 years and they have 2 kids. Mrs Weir, 55, was a psychiatric nurse and Mr Weir, 64, worked as a TV cameraman and studio manager for 23 years. The couple bought a mansion and a fleet of cars. Colin, football fan, helped revamp Largs Thistle’s ground and gave Patrick Thistle more than £1million to clear debts and set up a youth academy.

Since their win in 2011 they also gave £1million to the National Theatre of Scotland, and 3 £1million donations to the SNP. They started a charitable trust as well, supporting Scottish based community groups and charities.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford: £148,656,000

In August 2012, children’s nurse Gillian, 40, and record seller Adrian, 41, from Suffolk won £148,656,000. They planned to go on luxury holidays and buy expensive cars.

15 months after the win, they got divorced. But they remained on good terms. Adrian moved into a mansion with 90 acres of land, and in 2014 he got together with Sam Burbidge, taking her on a Maldives holiday asking her to marry him after just two weeks. Unfortunately they split up 3 years into the engagement. Gillian on the other hand, found new love with car salesman Alan Warnock.

Dave and Angela Dawes: £101,203,600.70

In October 2011 Dave and Angela Dawes from Cambridgeshire hit the EuroMillions Jackpot and won £101,203,600.70 after only playing the lottery 3 times.

Dave, 47, a supervisor for Premier Foods and Angela, 43, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation gave £1million each to about 20 friends and family members.  Michael, Dave’s son unsuccessfully pursued him for support in May 2017.

The couple bought a luxury flat in West London, they later sold it in 2017 for £4.5million and bought a 6 bedroom Grade 2 listed manor house in Etchingham, previously owned by Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.

They spent their winnings on designer clothes and holidays. And they got married and set up a charity.  

Nigel Page: £56,008,113

In February 2010, Nigel Page, 43, a skydiving enthusiast, won £56,008,113.

Nigel used to live in a 3 bedroom semi near Cirencester, which he gave to his cleaner after marrying his girlfriend Justine, 42, and bought a 5 bedroom eco-mansion in Cotsworlds. They spent £6million buying a grade 2 listed 8 bedroom mansion in 2016 to renovate. Nigel and his ex-wife Wendy, 43, has been separated for 10 years before his bumper win and she made a legal claim for £8million, but he only paid her £2million.

Richard and Angela Maxwell: £53,193,914

In 2015 this couple from Boston won £53,193,914. Richard waited 4 hours to tell his wife Angela because she did not answer her phone. When he finally told her she thought it was an April Fool’s joke. After the win she promised to keep helping in the kitchen at her local community.

Cassey Carrington: £45,160,170

In February 2012, Cassey Carrington, 22, from Nottingham won £45,160,170 in a EuroMillions draw after matching all 5 numbers and  2 Lucky Stars.

She planned on marrying her fiancé Matt Topham, 22, in September. They became the 2nd couple to bank the jackpot in less than a month.

How to play euro lotto online?

You can play euromillions using a reliable online portal, just be sure to check your euro lotto results  after the game!

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