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VIP vacation in Shangri La Casino Network

Be sure to visit the casino network of Michael Boettcher, Shangri La, in the CIS countries – it’s a chance to brighten up the evening and play all the popular games. Elegant gambling houses work in Minsk, Yerevan, Riga and Tbilisi.

The network is managed by Storm International, Michael Boettcher founded it in 1992. Every casino has a closed club “X.O.” for VIP guests. Its participants have games available at maximum rates, get access to closed shows and exotic entertainment. In “X.O.” you can unlimitedly use the services of a casino, bar and kitchen. For members of the club, there is a transfer with a personal driver on the representative car.

Organizers do their best to make every evening unique and turn into a holiday. In Shangri La, for this purpose, theme parties are held, featuring guest stars, stand-up comedians, illusionists, and ballet dancers.

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