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Why GD Lotto Games are So Popular

The internet has changed the landscape of many industries and the entertainment world is no different. Lottery games have been around for thousands of years, but even they have been modernized in recent times and this has added to the fun and excitement because the prizes are massive and can change your life. Thanks to technology, how people play the lottery has changed because now games can also be played online and with the least amount of hassle. Some new formats have been introduced whereas other older formats have also been revived. One of the most popular type of lottery games were based on the 3 digit numbers and 4 digit numbers and they have remained the same.

Grand Dragon lottery, or the GD Lotto, as it is called, is one such game that follows the 4-digit number format, which is a favorite of the people. With its first draw conducted in Kedah in 1951, the game has expanded far and wide since then. It is regarded as one of the top 4D games in Cambodia and is also dedicated to players from other Asian countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and China. The Grand Dragon Lotto is popular because it offers some classic 4D games that can change your life in just one go.

One of the best things about the GD lotto games is the fact that you can play them even with minimum funds as the cost of a single game is $1, which means that you don’t have to spend lots of money to participate. Moving on, the GD Lotto games offer you five betting choices that you can play when you are interested in participating. The rules and rewards of every single betting option are different and you need to decide what option suits you the most in order to play. Let’s take a look at them:

4D Big

This is the first betting option you get and, as the name indicates, it is a big package. There are 23 winning results in the draw and all of them have to be matched with the 4D number, as per the requirement of this package. If you are successful, the first prize that you can win amounts to $2,500. There are four additional prize categories that enable you to win $1,000, $500, $200 and $60. The second-last prize category is called the Starter prize whereas the last is the Consolation Prize.

4D Small

Even though the name states that it is a small betting package because you just need to match the 4D number with the first, second and third winning numbers, but the rewards in this category are much higher. The first prize that you can win is approximately $3,500 and even the second and third prize are $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, which are better than the big package.

4D Single A

In this betting option, which is also known as the 4D A, players have to match all four numbers. If they are able to do so, they win a massive figure of $6,000, which is the highest prize paid out in the GD Lotto game.


With this betting option, players will match the 4D number in the first, second and third prize with the last three digits of the winning number. Their prizes will be $250, $210 and $150, depending on what position they win.

3D A

This is the last betting choice available in the GD Lotto and the last three digits of the winning number and the 4D prize number have to be matched in this one. The prize that will be given out in this category is $660.

In order to decide the position of the numbers, a draw is conducted and balls with alphabets ranging from A till W are drawn. For instance, if F is drawn, then the upcoming number will take the F position. Four lottery machines i.e. D2, D3, D4 and D5 are used for drawing the four numbers of the Grand Dragon Lottery and they form the number combination. To decide the first, second and third prizes, another draw is held.

There are thirteen balls labeled from A to M and three are drawn for each prize. But, this is not all. There is also a Bonus System in place, which makes the GD Lotto Games so popular. This Bonus system is rather impressive as it boasts an accumulating bonus. How does it work?

The GD Lotto has 13 positions in total from A to M for Special Prizes and one of these is fixed as the bonus position like C. When the first, second and third prize draw is held and C is drawn for the third prize, it means a Small Bonus is won by the players. But, if C is drawn for the second prize, a Big Bonus is paid out and a Super Bonus is paid out if C is drawn with the first prize. For the Super Bonus, the total payout includes the first prize plus 100 percent of the jackpot, Big Bonus payout is the 2nd prize plus 50 percent of the jackpot pool and small bonus gets third prize plus 30 percent of the pool.

However, this bonus option is only available to players who have chosen 4D Small or 4D Big betting choices. The draws for the Grand Dragon lottery are conducted on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday night, which means you have three opportunities in a week to participate. If you cannot be in the country on your own, you can always use a lottery service like Lottosend to play the GD Lotto online and get a shot at winning the prize. Payments are also made instantly so you will not have to wait for long to get your money. In addition, zero lottery scam policy is implemented in the GD Lotto so you don’t have to stress about being scammed or losing your financial information to any cyber-criminals. Play the game without any worries and win great prizes.

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