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Shangri La Yerevan hosted Armenia Open Championship 2017

Armenia Open Championship is the largest poker tournament in Armenia. It was set at Shangri La, Darren Keane is the CEO of the managing company, Storm International. The establishment is only 2 km from Yerevan, Armenia. This is a major reentry tournament with a buy-in of 50,000 AMD and a guarantee of 7,000,000 AMD. Similar events are held at the casino poker club about once a month, but this event was several times larger.

Officially, the tournament was called Armenia Open Championship 2017 and consisted of three starting days, buy-in in each of them will be ~ $ 100 for 20,000 chips. The final day was set for May 7, while the buy-in will be increased to 300,000 AMD, and players will be given 100,000 chips at once.

Tournament under the auspices of Storm International, Darren Keane commented, was successful.

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